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Our goal is turning video gaming into passive income and paid work. You own your game items and tokens. Trade them your way!
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Robert Trusardi


Started his career responsible for the official Disney.com homepage. He's since worked in film and can now be seen hosting our YouTube channel. He's responsible for our patent-pending job tokens and Metasource development.
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Joshua Aridhol Cantrell

Partner and Lead Developer

Partner in Trusardi Game Studios, is the lead developer of our 5v5 Arena. A lifelong gamer, he's managed and run many popular game servers. He's also the head manager for a multi-million dollar construction company.
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Mark "Knightsky" Castillo

Creative Director and co-founder

Worked as manager of the visual effects at 3D Bob Productions in Burbank, CA. He started his game career as an artist in Sega Sports. He's currently the lead artist for our Metasource cards.

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